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William Wallace statue, Aberdeen

Kings University is a unique institution, designed to fill a very specific gap in the existing spectrum of educational services.  If you have a bachelors degree and at least a good start toward a graduate degree, this program might be for you.

Kings University is an organization started in Aberdeen, Scotland in 1992.  Our purpose is to serve students who have accumulated school credits, experience, and “real-world” accomplishments amounting to a graduate level education, but at a variety of schools and institutions.  Such students have traditionally often been denied a degree because schools have been very proprietary about their degrees.  Simply put, they don’t want some other school getting paid to educate the student to whom they eventually grant a degree.  For that reason, matriculation requirements have been quite stringent.  In short, no matter how much prior education you might have, you have to PAY the school, through enrollment fees, before you will be considered for a degree.  Now, it might seem logical that, if the objective is just to get money from the students, one could just pay the school to matriculate there.  But that would be unseemly.  Schools are forced to perpetrate the ruse that, in order to maintain their standards, they must have control over the course work leading up to the degree.  But, of course, that is just an excuse.  It doesn’t explain why they won’t accept credits from even the most prestigious institutions toward matriculation.   

So, that’s where we come in.  Our purpose is to allow students who for various reasons, such as a necessity to change locations, business or professional opportunities, or any of life’s interruptions, have advanced significantly toward a graduate degree without the benefit of a primary sponsoring school.

As explained here, we are working to solve this problem on several different fronts:

Current Degree Program

Future Accreditations

College Cooperation Program

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